Apartment 2nd Floor

Location: Kalamata
Year: 2020
Area: 72m²
Τools used: 3ds Max

It’s about an interior renovation that has much to do with a familiar architectural quote “less is more”. Basic precondition for this project was to create new ergonomic needs which designed with a modern and minimalistic way and coexists with some timeless architectural elements and materials. Such as the black centered wooden kitchen that contrasts with a timeless semi gloss marble, which gradually develops and dominates and at the rest spaces. For the same reason different floor tiles used at the kitchen compared with the herringbone wood that develops at the rest apartment. Minimal iron pendant lights that were custom made for the dinning area and spots on a black rail for the living room. Last but not least came the architectural copper details like the sink, the faucet and the pendant lights at the kitchen to promote a clean and glamorous atmosphere.