Interior architecture and design

Location: Athens
Year: 2020
Area: 15m²
Τools used: 3ds Max

This project it’s about an interior renovation of a small office studio. Basic functionality principals was a desk filtered at the end of the space. A seating area-project presentation space and sometimes also waiting room at the right side of the entrance. Two iron custom made panels which were pulled on a ceiling rail came to split the hall at half, in order to provide some kind of privacy when needed. In addition some storage shelves designed for working books and other stuffs. For the interior aesthetic and color pallet we used a light brown semi-gloss parquet for flooring, which contrasts with a stylish modern green marble, used mostly for the tops of the furnitures. A wooden oak stand was custom made for the sofa. At last the colors we used was white iron furniture and the walls were painted also with the same color.