Athens, Glyka nera

Year: 2020
Area: 67 m²
Τools used: 3ds Max

This project it’s about an interior and exterior design of a residence in Glyka nera Athens Greece.  The house is developing at two different floors which communicate with an interior staircase designed with concrete and wooden slabs as rail. Since it takes place at the center of the space our intention is to look like a sculptured form. At the images that follows we focus on the exterior of the building and the main entrance and then the interior with the ground floor at which are and the main functions. As main concept we always had in mind the minimal aesthetic with modern touches. In order to achieve that goal we created a main structure of wooden slabs that start from the exterior and spreding at the interior space.

Ground floor : living room, dining area, kitchen, bathroom, guest room

1st floor : 2 bedrooms, bathroom